Great advertising starts with great creative! It doesn’t matter how many times your commercial is run or how many eyeballs see your print ad if it isn’t compelling, doesn’t effectively identify the sponsor (the company advertising), create a memorable experience and encourage people or businesses to buy your product or service – often referred to as the “call to action.” Advertising is your controllable, scalable means of publicizing YOUR brand. Effective advertising has the power to significantly alter what your target audience sees, perceives, and remembers.

For more than 25 years, inventive pr professionals have created TV, radio and print advertising campaigns for companies in virtually all sectors of business and were pioneers in Internet advertising and multi-media at a time when most people had no idea what the Internet was. Its turnkey radio and TV advertising solutions include, concept, copy, hiring talent, recording, producing and editing and, when needed, original music and jingles. Many companies benefit from advertising in a variety of media formats. Find out how IPR can help take your company to the next level with advertising that works!

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